Monday, January 08, 2007

holy crap! jin now has, like, ten good songs!

Earlier, XXL posted a new Jin song, "You're Fired," in which the New Yorker puts Rosie O'Donnell on blast over her brief racist tirade on "The View." Even better, Jin rhymes over the "Ether" beat, which makes the song novel for hip-hop and Nas fans.

Jin's always been a wild card; it's undeniable that he's a dope MC, but his first, and much hyped, album had more misses than hits. Last year's "Tha Emcee" raised the bar a bit, but not enough to make Jin the next Keith Murray (or Mountain Brothers ?). Jin's the kind of MC who will probably always have that the proverbial brass ring within reach, but who will continue to need a little bit of push to get there. Maybe this will help. Don't sleep on Jin.

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