Tuesday, January 02, 2007

mo' money, mo' executions, mo' problemz

Sometime last Friday, Saddam was off'ed in the name of justice, world peace, vested interests and other such things that I can spend two days typing up. Like many Americans, I found out via television at the Cheesecake Factory while I was having dinner with my family. This, of course, spawned a debate between me and my cousin. Though our political views are somewhat similar, we tend to have differences over capital punishment and the death penalty.

Let me spare you the details and say, "Yes, I am a fucking hippie." Not in a conventional sense, but I do think that in this particular case, Saddam's death will make him a martyr to his followers, thus giving various armies another war for at least 20 years.

I don't feel that any death by murder is justifiable. Yeah, the guy committed atrocities, but it's not like government officials on this side of the waters have clean hands, either. Religion and politics always gets people into some pretty deep shit, as is such, I tend to keep my feelings about both topics to myself. So that's that. Dude's dead, time to move on.



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