Monday, January 29, 2007

no more pretty girls

News of the day: Pretty Girls Make Graves is done.

(Let's pause for a moment of silence)

Pretty Girls Make Graves was a bombastic band whose punk-meets-pop combination was a breath of relief in the smug, pretentious atmosphere of the Seattle rock scene. Even though their last two records, "The New Romance" and "Elan Vital" were less aggressive than the self-titled EP or "Good Health," they were still slightly more interesting than Blood Brothers' "Crimes" or Harvey Danger's reunion album. With that said, Seattle is still stuck with a bunch of second-tier Death Cab for Cuties and Aidens, but we'll always have the memory of Pretty Girls when we search for fond memories.

"All Medicated Geniuses" From "The New Romance"
"Speakers Push the Air" from "Good Health"

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