Wednesday, January 24, 2007

"Asians can easily assimilate..."

My, oh my.

So Idolator, probably the only interesting music site on the Interweb, has been doing the expected lampooning of the new MTV show, "I'm From Rolling Stone," as well as the contestants. [1]

I don't have cable, so the only pieces I've seen of this show have been on the media Godsend, otherwise known as Youtube. As many people have already pointed out, it's pretty laughable. Working for a magazine is not glamorous and the closest I got to being William Miller was driving Fall Out Boy to a Taco Bell in Portland.

One of the show's misguided contestants, Krishtine de Leon, blasted Idolator for their take on the ridiculous show. Here's my favorite part of her dis track:

"1.) I'm ASIAN. Chinese. Indescript. Asian women are supposed to act subservient. I do not. Asians can easily assimilate. I blatantly choose the opposite. In fact, I reject the label 'Asian.' Even Asian-American, a hyphenated term birthed during the Ethnic Studies Strike of '68-69 at my alma mater, San Francisco State University, is a term I wear with apprehension, except when used as an example of solidarity between those that fought to be recognized for their heritage in higher education. I am PINAY. A Filipina woman. I am not an 'Asian with a Latino Accent', I am a member of a colonized indigenous people that is fighting to take back their own identity. Any variation between your description and mine will, as shared by my comrade JR the Minister of Information for the P.O.C.C., "draw a distinct line between myself and the enemy." If you consider me anything other than PINAY, you are drawing the boundaries of your own lack of cultural criticism. Or you're just a white-supremacist."

Not that I know this girl or anything, but I'm well aware of the sort. You see, back in high school -- you know, nearly a decade ago -- I was one of the few Filipino kids who were present, but I was probably the only one (actually, one of two) who didn't go around bragging about my ethnicity as if it were my Trump Card or, for lack of a better analogy, my Get-Out-of-Jail card.

I found that many of my fellow Filipino and Asian-American students would spout off about stuff but they didn't really know anything about anything. They'd spend all day hanging around each other, talking about "AZN PRIDE" but many of these kids didn't know how to speak their native language and they didn't really care about their histories either. They were ethnic on a social level, but not really on an intellectual level.

I suppose I'm sort of a snob since I might've been the ONLY 15 year old who was concerned with such self-exploration, but what can I say? I was a fucking nerd.

Krishtine seems like she knows a little bit more than your average, but I have a feeling that it's all show and completely disingeniune.

The thing that irks me the most about this girl is that she's in a position, albeit a sad one, to alter what most of America thinks of Filipino people and what does she do? She bitches and moans about rewrites, finds that her best friend is are faux gold teeth, announces that she's bringing the hood somewhere and kicks really lame raps. If anything, she's setting us back about 80 years. In fact, I would say that Black Eyed Peas' Apl De Ap does more to further the Filipino people in one hour than this chick will do for the entire season of her crappy show.

Put me on blast for kicking the real truth, yo.

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[1] I covered this show when it began production earlier in the year, but mostly to make fun of one contestant in particular: Here and here.

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