Wednesday, February 28, 2007

boxing gloves

This has been lingering on the Interweb for about a day now, but in case you haven't heard, Timbaland (sans Magoo) and former Roots keyboardist/receiver of Paris Hilton's herpes, Scott Storch are beefin'! This has seriously got to be the dumbest beef since 1996's Coolio vs. Weird Al.

With the exception of MF Doom, Dr. Dre and Pete Rock (and maybe a few others), there aren't too many notable producers who should rap. The fact that Tim and Storch were even allowed in a vocal booth is mind boggling. When you choose "producer" as your primary position in Hip-Hop, you're almost promising the world that you'll never, ever rhyme. I'm not sure whatever happened to the nobility with beat makers when they were more respected for their dusty fingers, as opposed to starting beef with each other. I mean there is a reason why DJ Premier and Marley Marl have been able to stay strong in the rap game without having to deal with the kind of stupid bullshit that new jacks seem to put themselves through on a daily basis.

The only positive outcome of this Timbaland Vs. Storch war is that we're promised two of the worst tracks ever.

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