Tuesday, May 15, 2007

aww fuuuudddgggeee

I've been away from this forum for a minute so please excuse my lateness in posting this review. Word.


I've had the new Bjork album for two weeks and I've been listening to it at sporadic moments throughout the last 14 days. I'm not as big on Bjork as your typical 20-something hepcat, but I do appreciate her attempts to craft tunes that are sonically different from your average pop record.

Like most of Bjork's albums, "Volta," can only be ingested in tiny increments. "Earth Intruders," the record's opener, has a chorus that owes more to Kelis than whatever that wacky Icelandic fairy usually cites as her reference points. Timbaland contributes to a few songs here and they're pretty obvious when the syncopated drums kick in. Doesn't it ever confuse anybody that Timbaland pretty much just uses the same drum track on every song he does nowadays? He needs Magoo to keep that kind of BS in check.

As a whole, "Volta" isn't cohesive enough to listen to listen from start to finish; there are some good pop songs sprinkled around the album, but it lacks the interesting theme of "Medulla" and the pop sensibility of "Debut" and "Post." Bjork's probably at a stage in her career where people are going to buy whatever she puts out, no matter how bad or weird it is, so I'm sure this review won't really matter anyway.

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