Tuesday, June 12, 2007


It just dawned on me over the weekend that through the all the busy work of getting my school ish, new reviews and other life things done and over with, I forgot to write a proper send off for my favorite television show, "Gilmore Girls."


While the series finale was everything I knew it was going to be, it still didn't make up for the previous 21 episodes of the season, full of BS storylines, the exit of important secondary characters and lack of the show's fast-paced conversations between the title characters. Bah I say!

They didn't even tie up long-running story arcs or promise my dream spin-off, a show with just Kirk. Man, that would be totally sweet. But whatever, it's done. Gone. Probably should've canceled it at the end of season six, or at the very least paid the Palladinos to come back to write the last episode, a la "Dawson's Creek."

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