Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Come Widdit: Hour of the Wolf

Hour of the Wolf
Location: Arizona
Sounds Like: Rock & Roll Chaos!!!!

I haven't really heard any good hardcore bands in about a year or so. The last hardcore records I really got into were Sinking Ships' "Disconnecting" and Since By Man's "Pictures From the Hotel Apocalypse." Hour of the Wolf is the kind of hardcore band that I'd tell all my friends about so they can get in on the secret.

Their EP, "Waste Makes Waste," leads with this sick Chuck Berry-riff for the opening track "Taking Out the Trash" and continues on to barrel through "Black Blood." It's easy to peg these guys as psychobilly-meets-Kid Dynamite, but I assure you, this is pretty hardcore (in more of the melodic, traditional sense, and less like your typical Mallpunk Hardcore).

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