Thursday, July 05, 2007

tanks for the memories, indeed

So posted a clip of a contestant covering the last Fall Out Boy single, "Thnks Fr th Mmrs" on "Canadian Idol." Feel free to watch it first....

Are you scratching your head as much as I am? I don't know which part of this video I should be more offended by: the song that homegirl covered, her outfit and her hair, or her atrocious take on the English language.

I guess this is the sort of thing you can anticipate when you're in a multi-platinum rock band and shows like "American Idol" exist, but geez, couldn't Fall Out Boy put the brakes on this? Or at least had their label step in?

Additionally, for all the awesome things about Canada (nationwide health care, lowered crime rates, Tim Horton's), it's a little mind-boggling that they're about three years late stylistically. Maybe it's just the girl who decided that she should look like Andrea Zollo circa 2002, but Canada isn't that far away from the U.S. doesn't she know that it's all about legwarmers and hippie dresses? Maybe it's because she's French-Canadian. Far be it for me to also point out her awesome usage of devil horns (doesn't anybody shimmy with jazz hands anymore?) and her contrived headbanging. I was actually kind of bummed that she didn't try to break out with some serious windmills or some other form of ape-ish hardcore dance.

Well in any event, this video alone is proof of how ridiculous Fall Out Boy's lyrics really are, but even moreso how ridiculous the people who enjoy their current record are. If record companies are wondering why they keep losing money, I have three minutes and 50 seconds worth of evidence in this post, eh.

[on a sidenote: did anyone find it weird that "Canadian Idol" looks like it was shot in a shopping mall? and did anyone else find it strange that there's a longhair rocking a misfits shirt while sitting through that performance?]

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