Friday, June 15, 2007

without question, the greatest television show ever

The first time I caught onto "Cheaters" it was via an episode of the "Maury Povich Show" where he was showing clips with O.G. host Tommy Habeeb. I had all but forgotten about the show until a few years ago when, while battling a case of insomnia, I caught an episode with Joey Greco hosting the show.

It's easy to criticize the show for being showing people of certain ethnicities, social and economic backgrounds in a less-than-flattering light a la "Cops," but damn, do I ever enjoy watching these dudes get busted. While the authenticity of the show is questionable, you have to wonder that if this shit is true, then it has to suck being on national television in that context. You also have to wonder how much of the suspected cheaters who are called about are ever really cheating. For example, do they not broadcast footage or cases of guys who are actually pulling late nights?

Regardless, for as sleazy and gully as "Cheaters" is, it sure as hell way more entertaining and pleasing than "Flavor of Love" or "The Bachelor."

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