Monday, August 27, 2007

make yrself sick: a cusack styled mixtape

i'm going through some life stuff right now and as a result, i slapped together a little mixtape for you kids to download. i hope that if you're going through a rough patch, you'll find these songs a little reassuring that life doesn't have to suck all the time.

track list:
1. autumn poetry "afternoon's in"
2. pedro the lion "i am always the one who calls"
3. silverstein "discovering the waterfront"
4. spitalfield "i can't hear you"
5. bill withers "let me be the one you need"
6. bayside "don't call me peanut"
7. breaking pangaea "worst part"
8. glassjaw "siberian kiss"
9. blackpool lights "unlucky (acoustic)"
10. miho hatori "crazy for you"
11. get up kids "newfound mass 2000"
12. limbeck "invisible"
13. last days of august "dead boys club"
14. death cab for cutie "tiny vessels"
15. alkaline trio "this is getting over you"
16. morrissey "i know it's gonna happen someday"
17. third try "last asshole on earth"

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