Wednesday, August 01, 2007

you! go buy the superbad soundtrack!!!!

[buy the soundtrack or Jonah Hill f**k you the f**k up]

I don't do this too often, but I'm telling you to go out and buy the "Superbad" soundtrack. See here's the thing: most people who read this blog are probably into bands on Fueled by Ramen, Jade Tree or whatever the hot hip-hop label is nowadays (let's just say Rawkus). But if you grew up on shit like Parliment, Ohio Players, Isaac Hayes or the Dazz Band, do yourself a favor and buy the "Superbad" disc. Why you ask?

Well, as I began working on it, I realized that all the tracks on the original score are played by some pretty top notch dudes, though most of them would go unrecognizable because kids these days don't appreciate the funk [1]: Bernie Worrell, Catfish Collins, Luis Conte, and Bootsy Collins.

The songs themselves aren't half bad either. I'm actually surprised that Steven Soderbergh didn't try to get these players on the soundtracks for "Out of Sight" or the "Ocean's" flicks. But his loss, which will be yours too if you don't buy this disc and get your head straight [2].

[1] For whatever reason, kids don't give a shit about the historical and revolutionary sounds of the funk, which is a shame if you ask me. I mean, who do you think Dr. Dre, Dilla and a handful of other producers milked their style from? Also, just because you listen to Aiden or My Chemical Romance doesn't mean that you can't open up your mind and listen to some Stylistics or The Spinners. What the hell is wrong with you?

[2] That is, if you like the funk.

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