Tuesday, March 04, 2008

...the f**k?

So I was doing my daily lurking of Meghan McCain's blog and I noticed that she stuck Rise Against's "Swing Life Away" at the end of her current playlist.

Huh? What?

Um, I don't know if McCain femme is aware of the fact that while Rise Against is a major label punk band, a la Green Day, they're still pretty vocal about their dismay with the Republicans, and politicians in general. While I realize that "Swing Life Away," their quiet, acoustic ballad from a few years ago, is -- as Deryck from Sum 41 so brilliantly put it a "pantie dropper" -- they still have an enormous catalog of songs that calls for revolution and really rallies for socio-political change in this country.

Rise Against, in itself, is so far removed from the establishment that Meghan McCain represents that the irony that she listens to this band isn't even comical. It's kind of sad.

The enjoyment of this song, albeit as earnest as possible, just proves that people need to start listening to full-length records and not singles. Otherwise, they're subject for public lampooning.

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Rise Against, "State of the Union"

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