Monday, February 25, 2008

Redux: Fear Before the March of Flames

So a few years ago, my old band played our first few shows with this relatively unknown band called Fear Before the March of Flames. They straight killed it. Better than the headliners (Anatomy of a Ghost). Fast forward to a few years later and they're probably one of the best bands in hardcore (or whatever).

Even though I've purchased their last couple records, I found that they're not as immediate as their debut, "Odd How People Shake." Over the last few weeks, I gave a second spin to their last record, "The Always Open Mouth" and I have to say that the shit is genius. It's not like they're doing anything that's groundbreaking, per se, but it's probably the closest to Botch they've gotten.

So for my obligatory post for the week, do yourself a favor and check out "Art Damage" and "The Always Open Mouth" (and maybe "Odd How People Shake") if you haven't already. And if you do own those discs, then give them a listen and know that we are all a little weird.

Bonus Videos:

"The 20th Century Was Entirely Mine"

"Should Have Stayed In the Shallows"

"Taking Cassandra to the End of the World Party"

"On the Brightside, She Could Choke"

"My (Fucking) Dear Hunter" with Anthony Green

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