Friday, September 19, 2008

Come Widdit: One Small Step for Landmines

One Small Step for Landmines
Location: Florida
Sounds Like: Breaking Pangaea meets Power-Pop (Wait, weren't they a power-pop band to begin with?)

I first heard of this band earlier this year when I was interviewing Jim Ward from Sleepercar/Sparta and I was looking at the band's sparse merch table and there was a smattering of items, including CDs from bands on Ward's Civil Defense League imprint. I thought, "One Small Step for Landmines? That's a pretty cool name." Then I continued to chat up Ward.

I didn't really get around to listening to this band until I was listening to Sleepercar on Myspace and I remember this Landmine band. The image on their Myspace was of this skinny kid who looked like a regular Orgcore dude. What I heard was some pretty well played, peppy power-pop.

As far as the Breaking Pangaea comparison goes, like the Philly-based band, One Small Step for Landmines has some really intricate guitar and bass parts and it's pretty obvious that these guys have a mathematical mind with it comes to writing songs, as opposed to throwing out hooks, breakdowns and choruses everywhichway.

I don't know of too many pop bands like these guys, but they're a real gem and I highly recommend their debut self-titled album to counteract the brooding mood that fall usually brings.

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