Friday, April 17, 2009

Racism Still Exists in America; Chasing Coolness is Not Surprised

It's a rather bittersweet time to be a person who's interested in American politics. On the one hand, we're witnessing some of the most radical changes to the status quo in quite sometime (and granted it's not as radical as, let's say, the Marcos Exile in the 1980s or Castro taking Cuba, but give America a little credit) and yet it's marred with pictures like this.
These ridiculous tea-bagging (if you haven't seen the Rachel Maddow video, Google it; it's hilarious) parties that have been going on around the country just serve as a reminder of much closer to idiocracy we are as a society. I may not agree with these dumb events, but I'm not going stop them from congregating. I am, however, appalled (though not shocked) that for many people, it was more about their displeasure of having a Black man as our President. People are bullshit.

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