Friday, March 13, 2009

The Obama Deception? Please...

Alex Jones, who is basically the real life version of Mel Gibson's character from "Conspiracy Theory," has made a movie called "The Obama Deception," and set it free on the internet for uppity college kids and trust fund anarchists to continue living a bunch of bullshit and basically preaching somebody else's words. As if I'm any different, right?

The fact that Jones dumped money into making yet another conspiracy movie is beyond me. Shouldn't he be saving money for when the New World Order (big ups to Hollywood Hulk Hogan) take over and he needs to migrate to France or some shit?

For all intents and purposes, Jones is the kind of person who abuses our freedom of speech by turning to scare tactics to get his message heard. He's kind of like a new version of Lyndon LaRouche in that sense.

Personally, I think that at least 85% of Americans know that they're being spoonfed some BS, so treating them like idiots (whether they are or not) is pretty unnecessary. The fact of the matter is, while Jones is doing something, he's going about it the wrong way. Do you want to see some change? Run for office. That's what Obama did.

I'm not going to pretend like Obama will repave our highways with gold, and yeah, he has his own agenda and his own special interests to take into consideration, but he's not continuing to send millions of Americans into a questionable war and he's not trying to scare people either. At the very least, he's doing something, rather than make a DVD to bitch about shit. [1]

[1] or writing a blog post to bitch about shit.



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