Thursday, April 23, 2009

Review: Manchester Orchestra, "Mean Everything to Nothing"

Manchester Orchestra
"Mean Everything to Nothing"
(Favorite Gentlemen/RED)

For their debut LP, "I'm Like a Virgin Losing a Child," Georgians Manchester Orchestra channeled a host of obvious of influences such as Built to Spill, Modest Mouse and Lord knows who else to bring together one hell of a moody album about Woody Allen movies and religion. And as random as it sounds, the combination played up the band's strengths and singer Andy Hull's vivid lyricism.

On their second record, "Mean Everything to Nothing," the Orchestra goes balls to the wall, immediately creating a frantic atmosphere with very little pauses. The second track -- and in my opinion, the highlight -- "Shake it Out" is one of the most aggressive hardcore songs, without actually beiing a hardcore song. The loud guitars and breakneck rhythms may turn some older fans off who liked the melodic fragility of "Virgin," but the sonically challenging nature of "Nothing" further diversifies Manchester Orchestra's sound. Bravo.

[bonus video]

"Shake it Out"

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