Thursday, March 09, 2006

racism! conflict! boobies! america's next top model!

[nice headwrap. are you supposed to be erykah badu for halloween? this ain't 96!]
"America's Next Top Model" started off their sixth season (is it me, or are seasons getting shorter?) with an explosion of awesomeness by featuring a Texan named Dani who started pissing off the other girls right off the bat by lamenting out loud at the turn out of African-American girls during the audition process. Then they cut to her audition tape where she says something to the effect of: "I'm a hardcore Republican, I'm a hardcore baptist, I hate gays, I basically hate all things liberal." With that in mind, she was shocked when she made some horrendous comment about how Black people don't shop at Abercrombie and Fitch and was immediately branded a racist. She also got the stink eye when she had her interview with Tyra, J. Alexander and Jay Manuel and they replayed her audition tape and particularly highlighted the "I hate gays" comment. She tries to renege on her statement by saying that she was trying to get noticed. Way to make an impression, you stupid broad. Anyway racist chick gets cut and we all laugh at her expense.

My contenders for the top three are still intact, though I imagine that Jade or Mollie Sue won't be on for much longer. Jade is the bi-racial version of Camille from Season 2, very pretty lady, but she has the arrogance of a 15 year old football player. Requiste indie rawk girl Mollie Sue is a classy dame with the personality of my computer.

Surprisingly, they didn't cut Gina, the lone Asian-American who made the entire Asian community look bad during the entire duration of the show by taking on the following chameleon-like skins: drunk, liar, crybaby, self-pitying loser. I think that about covers it. I love seeing other Asian-Americans on high profile shows and proving that there's more than chop-sockey flicks and Jingre Arr the Way, but Gina is weak sauce. They did, however, cut Kathy, the country bumpkin with a heart of gold. That acutally was a bummer. Oh well...onto next week!


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