Friday, March 10, 2006

album o' the day

"American Nervoso"
(Hydra Head)

There's absolutely no reason why Botch shouldn't be more well known. Their 1999 album "American Nervoso" is proof that not only were they fantastic musicians, but that they were ahead of their time. Norma Jean, Fear Before the March of Flames, The Bled, Since by Man and countless other newbie hardcore bands would probably sound dramatically different it weren't for the almighty Botch.

"American Nervoso" has the bravado of a typical hardcore band, but it also has psychedelic moments that recalls Pink Floyd. When you listen to this album and listen to These Arms Are Snakes' "Oxeneers..." you can see a clear line between those two different records, though they only share one common denominator: Brian Cook.

All of Botch's albums are testimonies to this band's greatness, and though they've all found homes in other bands (Minus the Bear, These Arms Are Snakes), "American Nervoso" is the album strong enough to spark a subgenre of its own.


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