Wednesday, March 08, 2006

they have nothin' on kelly kapowski

[show your support by shitting on this CD when you see it in stores]

Despite the threat of having my opinions swayed by ill feelings and makeshift beefs, I listened to Bayside's recent acoustic release with only the notion that I was fan of their previous albums. That said, this is one of the most unnecessary records in the history of pop-punk.

It's not that the songs on it are bad, they just don't add any new dynamic to the songs. Ever wonder what "Blame It On Bad Luck" would sound like on an acoustic guitar? Not that much different from the full band version. If you want to jazz it up, add some pianos or a cello. There are plenty of stripped down versions of exisiting tracks (see: "Newfound Mass 2000" by the Get Up Kids) that add more to the song than its predecessor.

Another huge sin on this record is their cover of the Smoking Popes' "Megan." It's already a minor crime that singer/songwriter Anthony Raneri lifts from Josh Caterer lyrically and vocally, but to have the dude sing the entire second verse? You might as well go out and buy "Destination: Failure" (if you can find it, anyway.)
Since Bayside has decided to remain an active band, let's hope that this first post-tragedy release won't be the end all of one of Victory's only good bands.


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