Thursday, May 11, 2006

tidbits 5/11/06

* that new taking back sunday album is a lot better than "where you want to be." kudos.

* pitchfork is reporting that there's a new bjork box set on the horizon. better start cashing in your coinstar jars soon.

* eugene mirman has a new album on sub pop called "en garde society," it's pretty damn funny. check out this mp3 which does not appear on the record, but is just as hilarious.

* audrey tautou is in "the da vinci code" co-starring with tom hanks' curly mullet cut.

* i won't be updating this as often as i used to since i'm moving this week and getting married the following week. i'll try to throw some reviews and some more tidbits but my occasionally thoughtout diatribes are going to have to wait until i get back from the honeymoon.


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