Friday, May 05, 2006

tidbits 5/5/06

* have you heard that rapper ak'sent? they really are just signing anybody these days. here's the quick low-down ak'sent is an 18-year-old female rapper from south central (of course), whose main gimmick is that she's half-mexican and half-black. she hasn't even gotten shot like fiddy. wtf. although the brightside to this is that if she does well, then someone could sign my kid to a major label once she's able to "spit some hot fire."

* furonda got the axe on "top model;" i'm only sort-of-caring because it's the end of the television season and "scrubs" and "csi" are starting to look pretty dang good.

* more screen shots of "superman returns" have been popping up all over the interweb and i suspect it's going to suck pretty bad. but i'll probably end up watching it because it's a comic book movie.

* on that note, i've been writing and illustrating a comic recently. unfortunately due to "legal" issues (and the fact that i'm just plain embarrassed by my lack of drawing talent), i can't take credit for the work. it is on the interweb somewhere. maybe a livejournal.

* on that same tangent, i have an outline for a comic mini-series about two kids who solve a crime with the aid of their talking panda bear. if anybody wants to do the art, let a brother know.

* the smoking popes are touching ground in seattle later this month (may 22nd to be exact) and while i'm not up for reliving my awkward freshman year, i have been listening to "destination: failure" a lot recently. take a trip down memory lane, peoples.

* be back later.


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