Wednesday, May 31, 2006

tidbits 5/31/06

it's been a while since i rocked one of these, huh?

* one of my favorite sites, has closed its (internet) doors. a statement is available here.

* former waxwing singer and star of the edge of quarrel, rocky votolato has a new music video here.

* before it gets completely shut down, peekvid has a ton of awesomeness.

* sasquatch came and went. bleh.

* the new "superman" soundtrack has a bunch of really, really shitty bands. there's a flaming lips cover by nightmare of you that's pretty good. download it on itunes.

* champion broke up and a million straight edge kids turned emo for a day. now they're all about sinking ships and whatnot.

* redefine will be publishing my interview with sinking ships as soon as i finish it (sometime tomorrow probably).

* watch tacoma's owen hart do that thing they do...(nsfw)


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