Tuesday, May 30, 2006

angels and airwaves...not a new christian rock band

Angels and Airwaves
"We Don't Need To Whisper"

For all the hype surrounding Tom DeLonge's (ex-Blink 182) new band, it sounds like what you'd expect it to sound like: a Blink 182 album.

For what it's worth, all the hype has been brought on mostly by DeLonge himself, by doing a year's worth of press, calling his band the "next U2," posting short clips of the album's accompanying movie, and bringing on one of the greatest drummers in the genre (Atom Willard).

Sonically, "We Don't Need To Whisper" lifts its influence from the final Blink 182 record, an ecclectic cluster of electronic-rock-new wave moments pressed to wax. The album's best parts happen when there is no singing; "The Adventure" has a drawn out instrumental intro that encapsulates the strength of this band, but when DeLonge's recognizable whimper chimes in, the song is pretty much over.

Much of DeLonge's lyrics don't match the playing ability of the band, and reads more like junior high poetry rather than the Bono-like success that DeLonge is aiming for.

Angels and Airwaves may or may not get big, but one thing is certain, if you must own this album, you should hope that you could find it in the used section.


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