Monday, May 22, 2006

Ms. Sancha
(Low Profile Records)

Reviewing this is, as they say, shooting fish in a barrel. But seriously, how bad can a rapper named "Ms. Sancha" on the Chicano-centric rap label, Low Profile Records be? Pretty fucking bad.

Sancha's breath-y rap style is an exact rip-off of the sexy style that Lil' Kim had -- except it's for 50 minutes, rather than the occasional chorus.

The album's title track, Ms. Sancha proclaims that she will be your "internet slut," all the while going into specific details about various sex acts. The song is probably the pinnacle of hypocritical female rap -- on the one hand, Ms. Sancha raps about her troubled past (and inadvertaly becomes a gangsta in the process), but on the following track she talks about going down on some ese, all the while setting the collective women's lib movement back 100 years with the cover art alone.

Musically, is pretty much par for the course as far as west coast gangsta rap goes: over used Zapp samples, gun and sex talk, rap about cars, blah blah blah. Whoever produced this shit (there are no production credits on the liner notes, but an ad for Low Profile's releases, as well as a website called Latinas Gone Wilde), must've recently purchased a vocoder since it's used on every single track.

I would only recommend buying this if you are a) already a fan of the Low Profile roster b) deaf or c) interested in hearing exactly what a trainwreck sounds like.


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