Tuesday, June 06, 2006


According to my co-worker, June 6, 2006 a.k.a. 06/06/06 is also known as National Beat-Up-An-Emo-Kid-Day. Hmm.... I realize that 06/06/06 (otherwise known as 6/6/6 for some ridiculous reason) would be a cool marketing coup for all the crappy records and movies coming out today (the new AFI? Yuck. The Omen remake? Hell no.) but it still seems as though people are using today to justify a form of bigotry (such as the National Beat-Up Whoever Day) or doing really dumb shit (like sacrificing lambs, virgins, and toasters or whatever people who are super into Insane Clown Posse or Alkaline Trio do).

Here's my thought on the most evil day of the calendar: dudes, it's just another day. Sheesh. It's not as cool as, I don't know, Thanksgiving. A day where it's okay to eat a ton of food and get fat. You know what other day is cooler than 06/06/06? Christmas Eve. It's the day that has forever been burned into my psyche as "The 24 Hours of 'A Christmas Story.'" Seriously, 24 damn hours of Ralphie beating up Scott Farcus, triple dog dares, and other awesome scenes from that movie. Classic. Christmas Eve is also my kid's birthday which has usurped the special meaning of 12/24 from "A Christmas Story," but it still rules over June 6, 2006.

I can't wait until Christmas Eve.


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