Friday, June 09, 2006

making a brand out of a name (or how to sell out your company)

No matter how much I blast his business practices and ethics, Tony Brummel will always run to the bank. Laughing. Hysterically. Like a 8 year old girl who just tricked a boy into kissing ugly ass.

Two weeks ago, I bought a copy of "Wonka Vision" and it had an ad on the back cover for their newest pop-punk sensation The Sleeping. At the bottom of the ad there's a website called VictorMe, Victory's take on Myspace. The other day, I checked it out and made my own wacky profile.

As an "online community," it's not bad. It's sure a lot better than Friends Or Enemies. It's way more user-friendly and just a lot better looking. Ironically, Victory's anti-Myspace looks exactly like Myspace.

I don't think VictorMe will beat Myspace. For one thing, VictorMe only features Victory's bands which, I suppose, is the whole point of the damn site. To bring together Victory's cult of high schoolers. The other thing is that Victory's bands still have their Myspace pages available.

If Brummel wants to strengthen the VictorMe brand, he should probably remove all of his bands from Myspace to make VictorMe the exclusive home to his artists. But again, the Myspace name is so recognizable that VictorMe attempting to be considered a competition is pretty futile. But kudos to Tony Brummel for making his hardcore label less and less hardcore by the day.


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