Thursday, June 08, 2006

Shake the Sheets: A Mid-Year Status Report of Music

It's June, so there've been a bunch of awesome and not so awesome releases in the past six months. Let's (as Rasco would say) run the line, shall we?

Best Pop Album
Maritime, "We, The Vehicles" (Flameshovel)
Davey's songs just keep getting better and better. Much of this album recalls the wit and melody of "Nothing Feels Good." If there was ever a happy medium between somber and poppy, this album is it.

Rookie of the (Mid) Year
Broadway Calls
Their debut "Call the Medic, We're Begging Please" has just been picked up by State of Mind Records and is probably the best pop-punk record of the year. So feel free to leave those Fat Wreck bands alone.

Already Overhyped Artist
Lady Sovereign
Seriously, she sucks. Unless it's Slick Rick's new album, I don't want to hear anymore rappers from the UK.

Best Hip-Hop Album
El Da Sensei, "The Unusual"/Apathy "Eastern Philosophy"
I couldn't really pick between these two and only time will tell which one will stand out by year's end. They're both heavy on 90's style production and they both come from incredible crews. Who knows? Maybe it'll be a tie again in December.

I Can't Believe They Fell Off
Dilated Peoples "20/20"
Back to the lab, fellas.

The Record That Gets Stuck In My Head For Days
Saves The Day, "Sound The Alarm"
Even if I haven't heard a song for weeks, I'll be humming a line at a bus stop or something.

The Record I Almost Forgot About
Morrissey, "Ringleader of the Tormentors"
It's so good, but with all the craziness happening, I almost forgot that this album was in stores.

Most Anticipated Hardcore Album
Sinking Ships, "Disconnecting"

Most Anticipated Hip-Hop Album

Worst Hip-Hop Album (So Far)
Mobb Deep, "Blood Money"
Somebody call Shirley Manson because there's some garbage over here.

Worst Pop-Rock Album (So Far)
AFI, "Decemberunderground"
You guys are, like, 45 now. Just stop with the whole "Halloween-Is-My-Favorite-Holiday-The-Misfits-Are-So-Great-I-Am-The-Saddest-Person-Ever" crap. Geez.


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