Thursday, September 21, 2006

the rundown with tyra

Last night, the CW premiered the new season of "America's Next Top Model." Generally, I tend to at least halfway enjoy this show, if only for the complete embarrassing trainwreck it tends to be. But this season, all I could think was that I couldn't think, and isn't that slightly dangerous?

Not that most men who watch "America's Next Top Model" are thinking of much anyway.

What particuarly bothered me was this contestant named Evita who basically abandoned her two kids to follow her "dream" -- the dream of getting kicked off of a national television show! Ha! Anyway, another bothersome part of her involvement on the show was the fact that her husband was in Iraq. So who was watching the kids? It's not like she was in the same situation as Sara Stokes in "Making the Band 2" and she had her man give up a couple shifts at Hardee's to let she could get her pop star on. As messed up as it is, at least Stokes had somebody watching her kids. Damn.

Unlike last season, I have no real favorites to win this competition and it's starting to feel like "The Real World" in which the producers are filling in stereotypes and whatnot. But I'll give the show at least another three weeks before I start trying to watch something else on Wednesday nights.


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