Wednesday, September 20, 2006

so i says to labels: put more DVDs with your releases!

Saosin's new album just hit my desk this morning and though I was never too big on the band, even when Anthony Green was in it, I decided to watch the bonus DVD that was coupled with the release.

As I watched the "Making of" portion, I found that I was being taken by the band, though I'd hardly call myself a fan. At the end, I was tempted to listen to the whole album, but Pigeon John's new album won me over instead. Still, this made me think, "If more bands and labels kept including DVDs with their releases, would this equate to higher record sales?"

Think about it: most people who download music don't give a shit about artwork or layout, unlike a nerd such as myself, so why not spend an extra $2 and tack on a homemade DVD? It's easy. That way, someone is still buying physical product and getting a little something extra. For a bonus DVD, Saosin's actually put together really well. Not like the bonus DVD that came with Silverstein's first album...what a stinker. Anyway, that's my thought on the subject. I'm gonna go eat a burrito.


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