Thursday, December 21, 2006

oh i get it! it's not (bleep) in a box but rather dick! LOL! (not)

It's Thursday and in internet time, the whole fiasco and hubub surrounding SNL's new digital short with Justin Timberlake and that Narnia dude is months old. Still, for all its Lionel C. Martin references and hilarious jabs at Color Me Badd, Keith Sweat and Bobby Brown, I couldn't help but remember a similar clip in 2002's "Run Ronnie Run," that featured faux R&B duo, Three Times One Minus One.

Not to say that the "Dick in a Box" video isn't entirely enjoyable; it is pretty dang funny. But if it's those Lonely Island dudes wrote these Digital Shorts, they really must be running out of ideas if they're assuming that nobody watches "Mr. Show." Biters.

"Dick in a Box"

"Ronnie and Kayla's Love Song"

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