Tuesday, January 02, 2007

ain't a damn thang changed

The other night, the wife and I were watching some tacky New Year's Eve special on Fox when a commercial came on for a new Cedric the Entertainer flick, "Code Name: The Cleaner," which looked to be some cross between "The Long Kiss Goodnight," "If Looks Could Kill," and "Spaceballs." Then I started hitting up MySpace this morning, and there are banner ads for this fucking movie sprawled all over, as if the 'Space got a case of Cleaner-itis.

While I didn't expect for Hollywood to start churning out, I don't know, good movies in the new year, I certainly didn't expect a new Cedric the Entertainer movie, mostly because his take on the Honeymooners was such a fiery piece of crap, that I was under the impression that his flicks would be straight-to-DVD from here on out. At least until another "Kings of Comedy" tour movie. I also couldn't believe that Lucy Liu or Mark Dacascos would agree to star in this movie. Well, maybe Mark Dacascos; I don't think he's reaping any residual checks from "The Crow" television series.

I loved Cedric the Entertainer in "The Steve Harvey Show" and "Barbershop" and anything else in which he's relegated to a sidekick. But giving the man his own movie is a lot like giving Carrot Top his own flick and we all remembered what happened with that motherfucker, don't we? [1]

[1] "Chairman of the Board," Carrot Top's starring film with Courtney Thorne-Smith, Bill Erwin, Larry Miller and Raquel Welch TANKED! And it was a pretty sucky movie.

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