Friday, December 29, 2006

triumphing over adversity: the shitty year we called 2006

2006, the 2K6, 2 grand seis, two dot dot nickel plus one. It was mostly bullshit. At least as pop culture was concerned.

We were dumbed down with the likes of "Survivor: Race War," a shittier season of "America's Next Top Model," and a full-length album by the world's most famous DNA Dumpster. Yep, just another year in America.

Even with all that crappy shit, Chasing Coolness still got to have fun at the expensive of overhyped shitbags like Lady Sovereign, The Rock, and Clay Aiken. I also got to constantly write about the new Brand New album, even though they had Interscope's money behind them.
Other notable things that will end up on a VH-1 "I Love the..." special: Snakes on a Plane, Weezer's break-up, Evertan Lohan's short-lived DJ career.

What's to look forward in the year I'll dub, "tha two-thou siete?" Probably more of the same ol' shite. With that said (as if anything could save this rather lazy post), I'll leave you with a video that best encapsulates the year:

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