Monday, February 05, 2007

some more ol' bullshit i'll probably like by year's end

I remember listening to what would be Recover's final album, "This is the Year I Disappear," thinking that it was one of the worst records I'd heard in quite some time. Let's rewind for those who aren't down with the pop-punk:

Back in the day, around 2001 or so, there was this band from Texas called Recover who tacked onto the "screamo" genre earlier than any other band west of Ohio. What set this band apart from any other Atticus-sponsored crapfest is that they actually wrote pretty good songs. Singer Dan Keyes had this ridiculously melodic voice and they had some pretty crazy riffage in their songs.

By the time their third record (and first for a major label) came out, they'd pretty much taken out all the hardcore aspects out of their band and turned into a bona fide pop rock band. Blah.

Or so I thought.

As months passed, I found myself enjoying the record a lot more and though I believe that it'll never a hold a candle to their debut, "Rodeo and Picasso," it's still worthy of a spin from time to time.

Some time last year, demos for Keyes' new band (a.k.a. himself), Young Love, started showing up on the Internets and I simply wrote them off as another former pop-punk dude getting in touch with his inner hipster (see also: Gabe Saporta, Darryl Palumbo, Fall Out Boy) by making really, really horrid dance music.

Young Love's debut "Too Young To Fight It" came across my desk this morning and I must say that while it's not my cup of tea, I can see why people would buy this record. It's insanely catchy and groovy (not in that Shaggy sort of way). Surprisingly, former Elektra honcho and notable hip-hop producer, Dante Ross, produces two tracks on this album. They also happen to be the best songs on the record. Coincidence? Probably not.

Anyway, as I'm listening to the lead single "Find a New Way," I'm still resisting myself from enjoying this album. I don't know how long that'll last, though.

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