Friday, March 02, 2007

comeback kid of the year

While many blogger/radio friendly producers are busy bickering with each other, the always stand up DJ Premier has unleashed another one of his certified hits right underneath their stupid noses.

"Classic," a track from Kanye West featuring Nas, KRS-One and Rakim has been circulating around the Internet recently in the form of a Rick Rubin version with loud guitars circa 1986-era Run DMC. Earlier today, Onsmash and XXL both posted a video for the song featuring a beat by none other than Primo himself. With Nas, Kris and God on a singular track (along with an easily outshined Kanye) ripping over a DJ Premier track, the song really does live up to its title.

Of course this is a pretty welcomed return to form since Premier's production on the last Gang Starr album was something to be left desired. But since his contribution to Christina Aguilera's "Back 2 Basics," it seems that Primo has many more years of amazing production in his sleeves. Maybe we can pray that Guru will come to his senses and Gang Starr can come back in full effect.

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Kanye West featuring Rakim, Nas and KRS-One, "Classic"


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