Thursday, May 17, 2007

spiderman 3 soundtrack...worst soundtrack ever.

Various Artists
“Spider Man 3 Soundtrack”
(Record Collection/Warner)

On the disc it reads: “This CD should not be played in a computer. This CD contains additional copy protection technology, which may introduce playability issues for DVD players, car audio players, and some computer models.” So where the fuck am I supposed to play this?

My portable CD player, or at least what’s left of it (it was smashed pretty good) is sitting on my bookshelf next to the cassette player I rarely use. I’m not sure how the label expects people to review this, but I’ll give a list of all the bands on the soundtrack that I like: Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Walkmen and Rogue Wave. Here are some bands on the CD that I think are absolutely terrible: Snow Patrol, The Killers, Wolfmother, Black Mountain, Simon Dawes, Jet, and The Oohlas.

I’ll never know what the songs sound like since I’m not able to play this on my computer, in my car or in my DVD player, but if it’s anything like the movie, it’s big, bloated and stars a dude named Topher as a bad guy. What the fuck?

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