Wednesday, May 16, 2007

stomp the trends

Last night, I had the pleasure of watching "Stomp the Yard," a tale about a fast-life urban youth who encounters a tragedy that leads him on the path towards a righteous life by attending a historically Black college. The movie parallels a similar-themed Nick Cannon vehicle called "Drumline" which, in my opinion, is far superior. Not to discount "Stomp the Yard," since it's a fairly decent flick in its own right, but it had me thinking "What other Black trends could Hollywood milk to make another movie like this?" I have a few ideas and I'm going to share them with you (P.S. if any of you motherfuckers steal [or sample] these ideas, I expect full credit as I am well versed with the law and my rights regarding intellectual property):

A young urban male with a unique fashion sense is accepted to a design school, only to have his clothing ideas mocked by his peers. Soon they come to terms with his brilliance and the film comes to a climax at the school's annual fashion show in which the protagonist will feature his latest threads.

The Imprint:
A young urban male who is in love with hip-hop tries to start a record label while in college. His best friend, a would-be rapper, is upset that his first signing is another young urban male with raw talent and thought-provoking lyrics. With tension arising, the best friend aligns himself with a long-standing, hostile label from the college. The film comes to a climax with a college-sponsored rap battle that pits label against label. Will the love of hip-hop prevail over the hostile faux college wankstas?

Get Cha Act Right:
A young urban male who is more Urkel than Denzel, recruits his roommate to teach him how to be suave with the ladies. He is able to charm an attractive townie who works at a local restaurant, but who is not aware of his true nerd nature. The film comes to a climax when the young urban male is asked to participate in an academic decathlon. Will he risk his newfound coolness and girlfriend to properly represent his school?

One in the Art:
A young urban male with a gift for illustrating, fights his way up from the mean streets and into a historically Black college where his love of art and its rich history is mocked by his fellow students, who are more interested in degrees that will help them get paid. While he is able to be successful in his art classes, his grades in other classes begin to falter and he finds his scholarship in danger. His only hope is a sassy tutor who sees no future with him or his art, though our young urban male would beg to differ. The film comes to a climax when the young urban male has the opportunity to show his latest project -- a comic chronicling his struggle from the ghetto to his blossoming feelings for the tutor -- at an art show.

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