Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sony Pictures...Hating the Internets, One 14 Year Old Kid At a Time

For you mickiefickies who don't spend all day looking up random shit up on Youtube/Google Video, "Superbad" is a movie opening this summer with Michael Cera (aka George Michael from "Arrested Development") and Jonah Hill, the scene-stealing chunk from "The 40 Year Old Virgin."

Last week, the redband (i.e. "R-Rated") trailer leaked all over the internet. This dirty version was much better than the greenband (i.e. family-friendly) version, if only for the scene in which Hill proclaims that he'd be the Iron Chef of pounding Vag. Then yesterday, all of the Youtube links mysteriously disappeared (Slashfilm offers an explanation), only to have the redband preview available at Superbad's official site. Trying to watch it proved to be somewhat difficult since I couldn't even access it with a birthdate of January 1, 1900. Bastards! After an alternate Google search, I finally found the badass redband trailer at Worst Previews.

Could this flick be the new "American Pie?" (which in turn, was the "Porky's" of 1999) Only time and DVD sales will tell.

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