Tuesday, January 29, 2008

hey man, how about an update?

I have some reviews for Redefine in the pipeline, otherwise, there's not much to write about.

I entertained the notion of killing this blog and Backed With and pretty much just sticking to Stay Off the Crack, but I'm going to let this one sit around for a little while.

Last Saturday, I wrote the first two chapters of book 2 and last night, as I was watching "Making the Band 4," I started outlining book three. With book three, I'm actually going to make a real effort to have it released which means I need the following:

a lawyer (this isn't going to be very hard)
an agent
a publisher
an editor (again, not as hard as the agent/publisher combo)

"A War Torn Letter" is coming out as a download on Chasing Coolness, actually. So get ready for 80 pages of madness and a lot of references to The Smiths, De La Soul and "Moesha."
I thought it's time to just get the jawn out there. In hindsight, it's far from perfect; it's just a story I needed to tell. If I ever scrape together the cash, I'll do a physical printing, as in my head, it was always a little book you could carry in your pocket, BUT for now, the internets will have to do.

That's it for now.... Maybe someday I'll throw a review or something up here. Not today.

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