Monday, January 07, 2008

XXL = R.I.P. (Probably)

XXL, which stands to be the only decent all Hip-Hop publication (I'm not including Waxpoetics), is signing its own death certificate as several reports via Idolator and have surfaced that Editor-In-Chief, Elliott Wilson, has been shown the door. This fact could also be verified due to the notion that Wilson's column has been removed from the site.

This is the latest blow for the magazine, which shuttered its sister publication, the formerly DJ-friendly rag, Scratch, last year.

Wilson, a founder of Ego Trip (if you don't know what Ego Trip is and you claim to be a hip-hop head, kick yourself in the pants, potna), has lead XXL in a much more respectable direction, making it well-rounded with the inclusion of typically silent hip-hop producers and leading the charge of rounding up the Internets' most celebrated (and controversial) bloggers: Byron Crawford, Dallas Penn/Billy Sunday, Noz, Tara Henley and Jay Smooth, just to name a few.

So with that said, without the direction of Elliott Wilson, I can only see XXL becoming the next Source or, God forbid, 4080 (also R.I.P.).

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