Monday, January 21, 2008

i hate coachella...

As Idolator and a bunch other sites reported earlier today, Portishead will be headlining the second day of the Coachella festival. As Charles Brown would say, "Aarrggghh!!!!"

I make it no secret that I hate big events and festivals and I hate them moreso if they're outdoors (Taste of Chaos has something working out for them). But as Portishead is one of the greatest British bands from the 90's (sorry, Oasis), I'm actually a little sad that I'll be intentionally missing Coachella this year.

Like SXSW, I don't see the need in traveling to another state to see a bunch of bands, especially considering that Coachella is in the middle of the fucking desert and that, even as a tropical person, I hate muggy weather.

I seriously hope that the Portishead reunion shindig winds up in Seattle because I don't want to use my time off to sit in the sand to watch Beth Gibbons wail on some morose realness.

[ps: Joel, good looking out on that Sixpence reunion!]

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