Monday, February 11, 2008

Eisley > Feist

On his recap of the Grammys today, my favorite mudslinging writer, Bol, dusted this bit of knowledge god:

"In one of the essays that ran with this year's Pazz and Jop, one of those fruits took Feist to task for being, essentially, pretty much any guy's fantasy girlfriend. And not a whole lot else."

And even though the idea isn't completely his (but seeing how the internets isn't about accuracy and more about "substance"), I, too, am going to have to agree with this sentiment. As you may or may not recall, in a review I wrote about Leigh Nash's solo effor, "Blue On Blue," I pretty much said that she was better than Feist. And Jenny Lewis.

Oooh beef!

I think part of this feeling isn't entirely on Leslie Feist's petite shoulders. Her music has just been everywhere the past few years and at some point, you just need to call a moratorium on that shit. It's the same reason you don't hear "Macarena" unless you're at a wedding or a birthday party.

Feist is just overexposed to the point where every nerd bird sexless indie stereotype is just going to salivate over her and her overrated songs. It's the same reason I dislike Paramore so much (replacing indie archetypes with 15 to 25 year old Hot Topic shoppers).

As much flack as I'm going to catch for this, it' how I feel, but a band like Eisley is far more deserving of this kind of attention. And I don't mean the creepy, leering male fantasy kind. I mean, they deserve to be overexposed in TV commercials and on the Muzak channel at T.G.I.Friday's. Even though their last album, "Combinations," wasn't as immediate as "Room Noises," it eventually grew on me, and now it's my jam.

But in the end, the basis of this entire post is fairly sexist, so whatever. I just needed something to rant about.

Go be productive. I'm gonna get a pizza.

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