Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Review: Two Tongues, “Two Tongues”

Two Tongues

On paper the combination of Say Anything maestro Max Bemis and genre stalwart/Saves the Day frontman Chris Conley is a great idea. Recently, the pair collaborated for a project called Two Tongues (along for the ride, Bemis and Conley are jointed by S.A. drummer Coby Linder and STD guitarist Dave Soloway taking the bass duties).

For the most part, “Two Tongues” is enjoyable. The album starts off pretty strong with Bemis and Conley trading much of the vocal duties. The first two tracks, “Crawl” and “If I Could Make you Do Things” are remarkably good and could be very big radio hits. Midway, however, the album falters and the novelty of a Say Anything-meets-Saves the Day superband gets rather stale.

At the end of the day, there’s really only about an EPs worth of excellent material, but if this project is ever sequelized, it will be interesting to see where Bemis and Conley will go with it.

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