Thursday, March 05, 2009

Finally! The Hipster Rap Backlash Gains Traction!

For the longtime readers of this blog, it's no secret that I've long hated the bullshit acts collectively known as hipster rap. M.I.A., Asher Roth, Charles Hamilton and the ilk are something left to be desired; and not to sound like an old man, but seriously, people who buy rap records and have no idea who Big Daddy Kane is need to get checked. Preferribly by Group Home. With a metal pipe.

I know that there are other heads who've shared my disdain for this subgenre that requires its fans to wear bright neon colors and all-over print hoodies. Chicago's Japcity took one of the first aggressive stances and recently, Termanology released the super dope, "Tight Pants are for Girls."

The other day, I was reading and there was a single video clip, no explaination for Big City Philadelphia's "How to Rob an Industry Hipster."

Using an old 50 Cent beat, Big City Philly launches into this killer song that -- if it gets popular -- will have Asher Roth's dumbass trying to suck up to M.O.P. to be his bodyguards or some shit. Now I will never condone violence or abuse on any level, it's just not my style, but if simply threatening people through a satirical track will get them to stop making crappy rap songs, then fuck it, I'll co-sign Big City Philadelphia.

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