Tuesday, September 26, 2006

thoughts on "heroes"

Freakin' awesome, dude bros.

Superhero and comic-related properties on television seldom translate well unless they're animated. Remember such disasterous events like "The Flash," "The Tick" and "Time Trax?" Yeah, doesn't really work unless you're a complete dorkus malorkus with a suspention of belief. So with that kind of history, I didn't expect anything of "Heroes," especially given all the internet hype that the show has had. If "Snakes On a Plane" has taught us anything, it's that web hype usually means that it sucks. Hella.

For as slow as it was, "Heroes" is probably one of the best non-sitcoms I've seen in a while. It's building it's mythology slowly, and doesn't back a lot of action in the pilot so as to avoid playing like a Renny Harlin flick. The other thing I liked about this show is that it didn't co-opt any existing characters from the comic universe; the show's creators are in the process of shaping its own universe.

If you haven't seen "Heroes" yet, I strongly urge you to check out the encore presentation tonight. If you don't, then too bad for you.


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