Friday, March 02, 2007

tyra hates tattoos

It's another season of one my favorite shows "America's Next Top Model. I boycotted part of last season because Tyra kicked off AJ Stewart for no good goddamn reason. This season, one of the semi-finalists was this rockabilly cutie named Micheline, a heavily tattooed would-be model. Unlike some of the other girls on the show (like Sarah, Natasha and Renee), Micheline seemed like she wasn't full of shit. And of course in true "Top Model" fashion, homegirl doesn't make to the house and is actually one of the first to get the boot.

What the hell Tyra?

We were debating about her exodus and whether it has something to do with the fact that she is tattooed. Even though it is 2007, being tattooed (for whatever reason) is still some sort of taboo, though I'm sure that Micheline's Universal Monsters-go-pop-art didn't really help, either.

Still, it would've been interesting to see her pitted up against some of the pasty, gross ass chicks who did make it in. Oh well. She's probably better off without dealing with Tyra's bullshit anyway.

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