Wednesday, March 21, 2007

worst tour ever?

(Fall of Troy's Thomas Erak is here to bang your little sister and get crunk)


"Deftones have announced the dates for a summer tour set to kick off in early May. The long-running band released Saturday Night Wrist last year. For the tour, the band has enlisted Japan's Dir En Grey as well as Equal Vision's The Fall of Troy."

Hmm.... This is both confusing and sad at the same time. Recently, it seems that the Deftones have been trying to reach out to a younger audience by booking openers who are of the eem persuasion. Last year, Dredg opened for them. This time around it's Mukilteo, Washington's own Fall of Troy. Normally, I really could give two shits about the opener. Case in point: in 2000, I saw the Deftones with Incubus as their opener. I just sat in the back with all the other meatheads until it was time to get live -- and by get live, I mean watch closer. For some reason, the inclusion of the Fall of Troy is particularly grating for several reasons.

One: they're not very good, live or otherwise. They're sort of like a fourth-tier Blood Brothers meets Converge except, y'know, shitty.

Two: they're douchebags. Well, their singer is a pretty big douchebag.

Three: they've only been around for a few years. I can think of several bands who could benefit from this opening slot more than the Fall of Troy.

It seems to me that they're indicative of what's wrong with new punk bands these days, they rip off a style, release the same album TWICE, and try to get all esoteric by writing songs about ghost pirate ships or whatever the hell their second EP was about. They are, perhaps, the epitome of poser, indicated by the fact that they try too hard to write stuff that doesn't make sense and pass it off as hardcore. Ironically, I heard singer Thomas Erak talk about how he hated hardcore. Hypocrite say what?

In itself, hardcore is built on spreading a message, but for whatever reason, the Fall of Troy has succeeded in fooling a bunch of people into believing that their indecipherable brand of rock is something new (it's not). I hope they get shit thrown at them on stage.

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