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the problem with genre webzines

Earlier this evening I was cruising through the Interweb Superhighway and this post caught my eye. After I read the motherfucker, I've come to realize that it's self-important crap like that post that ruins music writing for every other person who can actually piece together a proper sentence.

Even though I'm an active participant in Internet writing, it's no secret that easy access to sites like Livejournal, Blogger, Myspace, etc. are single-handedly killing the idea of proper journalism. Any fucking kid with an Internet connection, an e-mail account and a computer can post on these sites and cultivate some ridiculous identity, albeit from behind a glass screen.

I'm starting to see that these kids who continue to post on sites like feel like they're deserving of a certain amount of respect, even though they're essentially the pop-punk versions of "Current Affair" or "Inside Edition." There's seldom raw talent to find in the musings of these children; only post after post of fucking hogwash.

Many people think that I'm being harsh, but having contributed to a genre magazine that remains nameless (Skratch, ahem), then I feel like I've earned the right to shit talk some poser kid who feels like they're the king/queen of the scene because they discovered Death Cab last year or started wearing Peta2 shirts that they bought at a Strike Anywhere show.

I'm pretty disgusted with the way that these kids feel like they're entitled to some sort of notoriety because they write random crap about some band that people will forget about in six months. I should know, I've been one of these kids.

Here's the difference, though. I went through this bout of self-importance really early on in my writing career. By the time I was 18, I was so jaded by the assholes in bands I had to interview, I didn't really give a shit about the article -- I just liked seeing my name on the byline. I think it's relatively sad when some dude in their 20's is convinced so much that their little website has changed the world to the point where they are deserving of free shows, free CDs and getting mentioned in shitty magazines. My friend Sarah once said the only thing you deserve in life is death, and I'm apt to believe her statement.

It's not like it matters though. Most of these kids won't ever understand the rush and excitementto see your name in print media. Once the Internet collapses on itself, they'll have no proof that they wrote shit.

What does this have to do with my usual rants about shitty bands? Well nothing and everything. I make no bones about what I do via this forum. I write about bands that I like or dislike, songs that I think are fire and I occasionally post a video on here. Earlier this week, I was asked to contribute to a publication that has very little to do with art or music and it was the first piece that I've written in years that had nothing to do with a band or a movie. And I liked it.

I don't ever think that there will be a time in my life when I don't want to discuss music or pop culture, but writing something completely different than what I'm used to made me realize that I am not a one-trick pony and that these kids can have their free shows and shit. I'll have piece of mind.

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At 7:05 PM , Blogger Anton said...

Hey, sorry you didn't like it. Next time if you want to read it and realize that it wasn't an attempt to sound "self-important" or kill the idea of proper journalism, but more a way to say thank you to's readers because we appreciate what the site has become because of them.

Journalistic credibility aside, since you seem to think that I didn't go to college and double major in both Literature and Creative Writing, I don't think that I once felt like I was deserving of any type of respect whatsoever when it came to that post; that's not what the intention was at all. But what do I know? Apparently, I'm "some poser kid who feels like [I'm] the king/queen of the scene because [I] discovered Death Cab last year or started wearing Peta2 shirts that [I] bought at a Strike Anywhere show."

Personal style choices aside, since you seem to think that I embody the typical scene stereotype without knowing a thing about me, I don't find myself nearly as self-involved as you seem to have felt in your life so please don't include me in your narcissistic past. I've already seen my name in "print media" several times in literary publications and newspapers for my own writing. I hardly think that anything that I do on is something that deserves worship.

Get off your high horse because posts like these only serve to show your readers that you are the same, if not worse, than the people that you try to bring down. Feel free to contact me if you want to talk some time because I'd love to hear what you have to say one-on-one.

AIM: jerichotony

Thanks, I can't wait to read more thought-provoking posts about Hayley from Paramore looking like Aaron from Underoath.

-Anton Djamoos

At 6:05 AM , Blogger ryan said...

"Get off your high horse because posts like these only serve to show your readers that you are the same, if not worse, than the people that you try to bring down."

Dude, did you read any of the shit that I wrote or did you give it the glance over?

I wrote that I understand where these kids are coming from, but that at the same time, having been involved this this "scene" or whatever the fuck you want to call it, for so long, it's pretty easy to be jaded by people who are more interested in what Pete Wentz orders at Taco Bell rather than discovering new bands like Oregon's Broadway Calls.

You have a pretty good forum to write credible things, to give awesome, but relatively unknown, bands a boost and instead all the potential that has/had is pissed away on gossiping mongering and such.

But I guess you couldn't really get that since you were too busy assuming that I was taking a personal shot at you, which I wasn't, but more of the context and content of your piece.

All bullshit aside, dude, you could actually write, so why are you shitting all away by catering to the masses? Probably because you really are as narcissistic as most writers. The only difference is you're not willing to admit.


ps: Go out and get a sense of humor about Paramore, ese.

At 4:50 PM , Blogger Anton said...

I don't think that you pay enough attention to the site to think that we don't try to help out unsigned bands. We have several features devoted solely to unsigned bands getting their names out there such as the Self-Promotion Spotlight and AbsoluteUnsigned. The one thing that you picked out was a subject of discussion, and you should probably look at the Thursday discussion questions of the past to find that it's not loving With that post, we were honestly just trying to figure out where everyone came from to make the community so great because we're really happy with what it's become and it's everyone else's doing, not ours.

I don't know if you saw, but we just posted a huge feature called the Absolute 100 that gives 100 bands that people probably don't know about but should. I'll post the link below. I just want you to know that we're not trying to be gossip whores or anything, we genuinely like music and want smaller and unsigned bands to get exposure. Please don't generalize exactly what you think the site is based on one post.

The Absolute 100


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