Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Seattle Venues in Danger!!! (Cue Panic! [Not at the Disco])

As previously reported by several websites and media outlets, the Crocodile Cafe -- a great venue and home to my favorite mac and cheese [1] -- shuttered its doors this past week, leaving quite a few people jobless and me without a place to get decent greasy food. More than that, however, this also calls into question, "What other venues can bands, particularly local bands, go to play?"

This is a pretty big blow considering that just last week, the Showbox and its sister venue Showbox SoDo (aka The Fenix aka the Premier) were sold to AEG Live. To many, the changing ownership means nothing, but the Showbox had started allowing lesser known local acts play to lower ticket prices, when the average show at the venue was probably around $20 or so. The sale to AEG ensures more national acts, but I wouldn't expect to see the occasional lounge show or Green Room show that was only $5.

What most people aren't looking at are the other venues (and potential venues) that are left here in Seattle. The city is fairly notorious for closing a bunch of awesome clubs, only to have a few more reopen a year, or even months, down the road. Right now there's still El Corazon (aka Graceland), as well as the creepy Studio Seven. West Seattle also has the American Legion Hall. I'm surprised that most of the Crocodile's scheduled shows have moved over the Rendezvous, which is about a block or two away, and it's a pretty similar looking place.

Regardless, it sucks that the Crocodile is R.I.P. but I'm sure another venue is just around the corner.

[1] This is now bested by the Tin Hat's mac and cheese.

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